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Printed Banners

4D Signs has made banners for events, promotions, country fairs and all sorts of shows since 1994.

We can design and produce simple single event banners very quickly using our design skills to complement the style of your event or show.

Our prices are competitive with many Internet suppliers and often more economic as many of the “extras” are included in our standard service.

Customers have often been delighted with our ability to react faster than online suppliers.

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Heavy Duty Banners With Vinyl Decoration

Since our founding, 4D Signs has made these heavyweight banners with sewn/welded hems and metal eyelets. Some of these banners have been in annual use for over 15 years.

Whilst a little more expensive than the lightweight printed banners popularised by the internet, these banners, with their easy removal and addition of lettering (dates, times etc) can quickly prove much more durable and economic to use, especially for repeat events.

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Mixed Media Banners With Partial Vinyl Decoration

We can mix digital print and vinyl on banners of all weights.

Lighter weight printed banners may be designed to leave spaces for removable elements. This allows re-use of the same banner design several times or allows the same base design to be used in several ways for different functions.

Heavyweight banners with vinyl decoration may have digitally printed images added to them producing a very durable banner.

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Flags, Feather Flags & Printed Fabric Display Cloths

In addition to our banners we supply flags, drop banners, feather and teardrop banners with fibreglass whip poles and a variety of base mountings.

We also produce sewn fabric shapes, flags, table covers and backcloths which may be made from printed polyester material or plain fabrics onto which we heat impress solid or printed graphic designs and images.

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Banner Supports, Flagpoles & Accessories

Banners and Flags are best displayed using the correct support systems. 4D Signs supplies a wide range of banner frames,flag poles, fabric holding fitments and support fixtures to help you display your soft signage in the best manner possible. Please contact us for more details and advice.

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To discuss a bespoke banner for your business, call us on
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